Comment on Charting - Pi

Nithin Kamath commented on 08 Jan 2016, 12:18 PM

Hey Chandru, like I just mentioned, what happened today on Pi was only historical data, live charts were working fine. I am getting someone to call you to check what issue you are placing with order placing, we haven’t received any complaints.
The thing about running behind the idea of constantly doing something new, is that there is constant risk you have to take. We allow clients to pull unlimited amounts of data, because we do, there are people who constantly try to scrape crazy amounts of data at one time which can cause issues to everyone else. If today we go and stop the option of pulling unlimited amounts of data and just give 20 days of intraday that everyone does (even data vendors don’t give intraday data for more than 3 months), this will never happen again.
But yeah, we won’t. There is nothing half baked, we test everything out, but in the quest of constantly trying to offer something new we do take some chances of being wrong.

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