Comment on Charting - Pi

chandru mehta commented on 08 Jan 2016, 10:22 AM


I agree with Rajiv’s comment on Instability in Pi after the small upgrade .

In the glee for getting more attention and more customers you have taken Pi backwards and not forward . I assume there is a bandwith and server space crunch at you end. It is no use blaming customers for low bandwidth . I think the upgrade needs to be done at your end.

Whenever i wish to place a order the system chokes. I have made more losses on Pi than on any other platform this last week.On 2 meg and high end Laptop if the system chokes for Pi and no other Platform .

This means you have to get hands on Pi.

I know you would not clear my comment for moderation .If you do so it would signal your sincerity and commitment to change things for good. Either you are not prepared for expanding the system or your Tech team needs to be changed . The system cannot be half baked.

Something is seriously wrong at Pi and this is needs Immediate attention .

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