Comment on ZT-Position Conversion

Anand commented on 07 Jan 2016, 06:26 AM

Hi Zerodha ,
I have a query regarding position conversion in zerodha.
what if in intra day i have sold some x number of shares using MIS product type and at the end of the day , i want to keep the stocks over night , so even then can i use this position conversion.
1.If so , Selling is not allowed in CNC (Delivery based trading) , so what will happen.
Example :
i sell 100 shares of stock X at rs.50 each , but price moves up against me , at 3.00 PM price of stock X is around rs.45 , so at this point if i do position conversion , will my shares be converted to Delivery (CNC) with rs.45 as bought price (Since delivery doesnot not allow sell , will my order become buy).
Kindly advice me on this.
Thank you.

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