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Anirban commented on 04 Jan 2016, 11:12 PM

I have started my relation with Zerodha few days back. When I was client of some full service brokers before, I heard lot of appreciation about this young age discount brokerage firm from many people. I opened my account here mainly for two reason; one is less brokerage about which I am fully satisfied till now. Another one is about the latest technology trading platform Zerodha offers.
Do not mind something guys, today I am compelled to tell you NEST mobile trading platform is one of the worst app I have used for trading. Today even traditional old age/edge brokerage firms offers better mobile trading platform than this.
Being an office going man it is not possible to trade for me from office PC using Kite. NEST is the available option for me. Today I initiated a buy position in the morning. It took me not more than 30 sec for typo in the buy/sell tab…it took more than 2 min to complete the order! And what I expected, stock in UC. It was a flash call and I knew I would not get more than 1 min. for the buy call to initiate and I failed. As u can see in the attached pic, a network/server related error continuously occurred during the time. It was not my phone’s internet problem as I have checked all other apps & websites running smoothly at that time. Not only that, I have kept the order as a market order in the UC time & three times it changed to a limit order. I modified it, checked the orderbook tab & again limit order. Sorry to miss the opportunity of capturing a screenshot & paste it here.
On 01/01/16, I already have opened a support ticket as one of my sell order (market) changed to limit & I missed some cash, selling it at a lower level. Can anyone tell me, is the app sometimes having its own programming funda changing market order to limit order! However I have not received any call or solution from ur team about the ticket yet (ticket no. #227896).
Long story gone, here what I want to tell you. No matter what, Zerodha in my opinion still tops providing latest trading platform at low cost. But pls. introduce your Kite mobile trading platform soon & I mean really soon. NEST is a old age home. It must be replaced. And BSE stocks must be included in Kite both in web & app version. I would not go so long & boring in this topic if it were some traditional deaf & dumb broking firm because I knew no matter what I do, they wouldn’t listen. But here I knew some guy shall listen & response. Pls. acknowledge the fact that with increasing demand, everybody will jump on you for a single supply shortage. Popularity matters. Improve the platform & app. You can do it & you must do it.
Have a great time ahead. Cheers….Anirban

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