Comment on Trading India VIX - Simplified

vismadev commented on 02 Jan 2016, 12:51 PM

I am Looking forward to it.

Dear, Nithin, though I don’t know the present customer base of Zerodha in kolkata and it’s immediate surroundings. But one thing I am sure of a that a good number of people do trade in the stock market in these areas both in intraday and delivery trades. And after opening account with Zerodha my self last year, I talked with many of them, and I found that they are not at all aware of Zerodha’s amazing offers and technologies. They are also kind of suspicious about Zerodha’s dependability. Intrday traders of this region have a habit of either go to broker’s place and trade or by phone call the broker and trade through the brokers operators. As most of them are not accustomed with online trading advantages. So, I do have some suggestion to hack into this huge trading community, hope you would consider some of it for the spreed of Zerodha’s business in Kolkata, it’s surrounding as well as in Eastern India.

1] Need to advertise using leaflets in big towns and it’s surrounding suburbs through the news paper delivery system chain.

2] Buildup trading hubs in big cities and in the surrounding suburban cities and use trained operators in those trading hubs.

3] Allow sub-brokers system by taping into existing sub-brokers or by employing new sub-brokers. As this existing sub-brokers are more inclined to be a sub-broker rather than they becoming a client of Zerodha. Though I already know that Zerodha don’t have any kind of sub-broker system in place..

4] You can also advertise Zerodha’s amazing features and technological advancement and advantages over existing trading system via localized cable TV networks.

I know all of these will pull finance from Zerodha’s account. So, these are only some suggestion and depends solely on you and your team’s decision to follow them up or to discard them altogether.

Thanking you.

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