Comment on Taxation Simplified

Shaziya commented on 18 Mar 2014, 11:58 AM

I have gross salary of amount 5,800000. 2 lakh is rebate and 1 lakh savings.After deductions the taxable amount comes to 2,80000.what is the % of tax? I mean is it that on
(A) 2,00000 it’s 10% and on remaining 80000 is it 20%=36k?
(B)or is it 10% on the whole? i.e 5,80000-200000(exemption)=3,80000-100000(Policy+other)=2,80000X10%=28k
Im working in govt deptt. they says 36k is taxable amount but in previous query u said 28k
This is making me confuse plz clear it.

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