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Satyen Sarangan commented on 31 Dec 2015, 01:05 PM

“Zerodha Associate Program” got this welcome email on a referral opening an account with you. Thanks.

from q > referrals > refer – done.
name -> email -> phone – entered done.

referral history (has those names or referral individual).
your salesteam was superfast to contact those referals – agreed by experience.
(but no follow up within the 60-working-day referral history expiry peariod [a 12-day followup would be advisable]).

now the catch:
now i do not have a link (in referral history of q) to download the forms with my referral id/name entered in it, so that i can email my referral and help him/her to open an account (that’s my service).
increases the facevalue.
with the above i am sure they open the account with my referral id/name.
i can get it in my email id, as your salesteam (staff) calls them the 1st time to verify.

awaiting reply…

Thank you.

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