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Raji commented on 15 Mar 2014, 08:49 PM

Sorry Hanan. Even this work-around is not working. Despite being on same screen, it logs off. I had primarily moved from NOW to Zerodha last week because of auto log off annoyance in NOW once in 15 min (while idling). I found the later made my life more difficult 🙂 even with keep browsing market watch, when planned to place order it logs off suddenly. Immediately next day, moved back to NOW.

My cent of suggestion: User do not want to see altogether different and exotic user interface. Just a similar look and functioning like NOW with overcoming all the short falls of NOW would do. From simplicity and usability perspective, NOW is great.

a. Application should be active unless an user forces it to log off (similar to trader terminal). I never had auto log off issue in NOW till v1.1.7, but started facing this after upgrading it to v1.1.8…Unfortunately, Android doesn’t allow to uninstall the updates to go back to earlier version.
b. NOW has some calculation problems in Net position
c. NOW doesn’t allow order placement prior to market opening (This anyway cannot be rectified)
d. Every time you need to select BUY or SELL and other selections from drop down of fields while order placement (This is already addressed in Zerodha version)
e. NOW do not have effective customer service 🙂
f. Zerodha do not allow ‘back’ of phone which NOW allows. Allowing phone’s ‘back’ function is better than user interface based ‘back’.
g. Transaction password is unnecessary additional security. This is in NOW but need not have copied to Zerodha.
h. NOW available in play store whereas Zerodha not. This puts my phone in potential risks
i. In Zerodha, there are too many icons hiding the screen. Instead these icons can be put in side bar hidden and can be seen by sliding side-wards…(Similar to ICICI direct Mobile)
j. NOW application is tough to login for first 10 min on every trading day. Zerodha was good this way.

I have already suggested few like to have features in my earlier comments. In parallel, if your team can influence NSE on NOW related issues (as stated above) to rectify them at the earliest, it would be even great!!! I have written enough number of mails to them but no improvement yet.


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