Comment on Commoditising and democratising investment technology

Arun Kumar commented on 29 Dec 2015, 12:09 AM

Hi Nithin & Team,

A wonderful effort and dedication I must say. Because of you guys (Zerodha team), I get the confidence to quit my job to become a full time trader now.

But I see few obstacles in my way to become full time trader. I am an Intraday trader mainly focuses on Renko Chart and Technical Indicator and I would want few things to be available in Zerodha’s platform.

1. Pi – Scanners based on Renko charts during market hours.
2. Pi – Trade directly from Renko charts
3. Pi – Backtest result based on Renko charts in Pi.
4. Kite – Bracket and Cover order.
5. Kite – Most of the time, Set range in Renko chart is not available for Currency charts and Commodity charts
6. Kite – Volume should be available for Renko chart
7. Kite – Trade directly from Renko charts
8. Both Kite and Pi – As per Renko chart rules, once the new brick formed, it should not disappear. But in Kite as well as Pi, a new brick forms, then disappears if the price drops or increases . This produces false signal to entry or exit.
9. Kite – A simple alert mechanism based on Price and technical indicators like in
10. Kite – Ltp on the full chart screen (Renko chart).

As you can see, most of my logics and trade setup are based on Renko charts, I hope you would do few optimisation there based on my requested list in near future.

Really admired your work!!

Thanks in advance!!

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