Comment on Kite - Introduction

vishyvishy commented on 22 Dec 2015, 08:29 PM

Unbelievable that traders requested this!

Once you place SL order how next order a trader wants to be a SL only???
Actually Trader Like goes following way, and it feels logical,…

I place Entry order
If I get entry at my price level then I place SL order FIRST and Target exit order.

Please modify this thing and if not possible to change it altogether then give that option in
user settings… as each trader may choose things as per his style.

2) Few month back these indian trading league guys have already included Bracket order in their platform. I wish same BO and CO included in KITE As soon as possible for all segments.

3) In popup chart we need to select each scrip by mouse click. This is cumbersome for say 10 scrips. Can you give
3a) Chart Scrip Autorotate feature such that if turned on chart shifts between scrips automatically as per user set time interval.
3b) Or make these scrip changeable thorough up down arrow keys like amibroker

4) Also I wish sound alert whenever security price passes through user set price level. say >= or <= greater than or less etc. and KITE gives a beep! sound, or makes the scrip in scrip list flash in colors such that it catches viewers eye.

Thanks n warm regards,

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