Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

k.karthik commented on 19 Dec 2015, 08:17 AM

i have got several doubts ;ike-

1) regarding stop loss order sir. if i bought a stock @ 100 and placing my target order at 110. and then the stock rises to suppose 105 , then can i keep my stoploss sell order at the price of 103 to lock the profit. is it possible to do that.
2) how much do you charge in nifty options if i buy call today at xyz prices and sell after 4-5 days. i mean is there any charges for carrying the position. if yes then how much.
3) the charges mentioned is rs.40 for buy and rs 40 for sell = rs 80 or is it rs.40 flat including both buy and sell.
4) how much money shall i need minimum to play in stock futures

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