Comment on Commoditising and democratising investment technology

Sonu Thomas commented on 17 Dec 2015, 10:20 AM

Hi Kailash
Please clarify if I have understood about Kite Publisher. I can embed buy or sell buttons on my website or blog (which describes the rationale for the company) and it allows the retailer to buy or sell the shares through Zerodha.
If that is right, as per my understanding, to give buy or sell recommendation on specific stocks, SEBI requires the individual to be registered as an investment advisor or a research analyst (and corresponding rules on the author not to trade for certain days after the post). Specific recommendations (on stocks) are not allowed without registering with SEBI.
Could you please clarify if that is correct or not? Concept is very good, but my concern is the rules that SEBI has laid down.

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