Comment on Kite - Introduction

shaunk commented on 16 Dec 2015, 03:26 PM

Am I the only one or is there anybody else who is finding the performance of Kite deteriorating faster than Crude prices of late?

I have experienced the following mishap TWICE in the last 5 days.

1. I placed an order (NG 16JAN contract order BUY for LIMIT price at 125.3)
2. ‘Error message in RED’ appears after a while asking me to check the order book’ which I did so, found no pending order despite 3-4 page refreshes
3. Checked ‘Positions’, no position on Copper taken
4. Then I placed a second order for LIMIT price again (125.4 this time), which got executed within 2-3 seconds. I was relieved. Yet no order notification popped up (this is now usually taking 15-20 seconds generally, so I wasn’t worried)
5. A few seconds later, I got 1 notification for 125.4 order execution.
6. A min later, I got a 1 notification (catching me out of blue) for another order execution at 125.3!

This is driving me nuts now as I intended to take only one position, but now I have got 2 positions executing 2 orders instead (paying double CTT/brokerage/transaction charges as a result)

Dear Nithin, I have been very happy with Zerodha since I took up a membership back in January, but these kind of errors are happening more often now.. Can you please instruct the technical team to looking into these load-related issues pls?

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