Comment on Commoditising and democratising investment technology

Satyen Sarangan commented on 15 Dec 2015, 11:38 AM

i was happy to receive a thanks email from zerodha that an referal account was opened. the “participating in the Zerodha Associate Program” in the email was

a great feeling.

i read a email received after the above email as “Kite connect – Commoditising & Democratising Investment Tech” in the subject line, i learnt a new word

called “Fintech Services”.

further motivation to earn a living through business in financial services is the email quote as “Kick start your investmenttechidea”, i clicked more.. and

read through it. Got lot of knowledge from that.

I went thru your Z-connect information about the same and found interest in “Opening Account” through referal via this “pluggable financial technologies”.

think “Kite Connect” IS FOR THE referal account opened can use this via REST-Api.

I am not really clear about this “Kite Publisher” that can help the referel account opened investors and traders.

I like you to thro little light on the above, and the costs involved.

I am a developer using .Net framework 4.6.1 (C# language) using genuine windows.


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