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Raji commented on 10 Mar 2014, 09:47 PM

Dear Nitin/Hanan,

Just migrated today to Zerodha Trader and used mobile just now to see how it looks. Congratulations for your efforts to constantly introducing newer stuffs. Few months back, migrated to Z5, used mobile and frustratingly gone back to NOW. Currently, the mobile version is better – but yet to use during market hours.

Just few observations:

a. When I tap on a scrip and tap buy or sell, it takes me to buy/sell screen, but if I want to go back to Market Watch again from here, with or without placing an order, there is no provision, I had to go to home and come to market watch again. I think ‘back’ icon must be enabled on this screen. This is an error and must be fixed urgently.

b. I have X balance currently. Back office site shows correct account balance. But ZT shows some incorrect balance which is 2 days old. Please note, I did transfer yesterday some “Y” amount which is not reflected in Limit. This is not the case with NOW – It showed right balance instantly. Please check this as well.

c. Somehow, touch & feel require further improvements – It gives a feeling as if I am using a browser instead of a typical mobile app – You may want to bring some intuitive changes. Don’t expect Steve Jobs to get you there, just few good usability folks would do 🙂

d. I have chosen a default market watch and within market watch I have chosen a default group. When I click market watch again, it has to load default group, but it asks me to choose the group again?? This is a bad design.

Once I start using during market hours, I will know more and pass on observations.


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