Comment on NEST Plus Registration and Installation

algogeek commented on 14 Dec 2015, 07:09 PM

If you are using Nest Plus API (PlusAmi.dll in amibroker ) then as per the Nest Plus API predefined functions

for GetOrderStatus() function you have to use Plus_GetOrdStatus(string sOrderRefNo)

Plus_GetOrdStatus: This method is used to query the status of particular order (pointed by OrderRefNo). Once we call this method for order1 status, filled qty,fill price of order1 are copied to Plusv_OrdStatus, Plusv_OrdFQty, Plusv_OrdFPrice respectively.These variables can be accessed in afl file directly like if(Plusv_OrdStatus == “Open”).

GetPlusVersion() function is not there as per documentation of Nest Plus API

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