Comment on Pi bridge - gateway to trade using other programs

Raja Moses commented on 14 Dec 2015, 12:07 PM

Hi Mr. Nithin/Venu,

Your concept of low brokerage coupled with huge customer base is working wonders for you, markets and trader like me. Your staff too is doing a good job. I am a very short term trader.

When with another broker I had serious problem of clogging which lasted for at least couple of 5 minute bars and frustrated (for about 2 months) I tried your Kite, which is pretty good and fast. Then came the question of firing orders which being cumbersome with Kite made me explore other avenues at Zerodha.

I am now convinced that Pi/Pi Bridge will do the job for cover order with the Amibroker codes that are available over the net. There is a DLL file for the process and several codes available @ tradingQNA.

I am looking for your guidance to activate the “orders from Amibroker to Pi directly” without having to rattle programmers to do the job unless having serious difficulty.

Please guide me with a systematic plan.

Thanks and regards,

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