Comment on Taxation Simplified

Eric commented on 10 Mar 2014, 01:12 AM

Hi sir,
I have done equity delivery based trades .i want to file returns and will show my income as stcg
My profit is 8 lakhs below are details
Trade 1 bought at 30 lakhs and sold at 33lakhs=3 lakhs profit and turnover 66 lakhs
Trade 2 bought at 33 lakhs sold at 35 lakhs=3 lakhs= 68 lakhs turnover
Trade 3 bought at 10 lakhs sold at 12 lakhs=2 lakhs =22 lakhs turnover
If I calculate this way 3+3+2=8 lakhs turnover
Or 1.53 crore turnover
Which calculation is right under stcg ..
Do I come under audit in this above example?

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