Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

Gyan commented on 09 Mar 2014, 08:20 PM

Dear Nithin
I am using NSE now software, so I understand that margin requirement calculate by SPAN calculator won’t be 100% right. My account id 13906-*****. I put my open position(as of 9th March 2014) in SPAN calculator and it showed me below details
SPAN margin = INR 478111, Exposure margin = 219145, margin benefit = INR 15000
But then I looked at my account balance in backoffice,
SPAN Margin Debit. ******* 352354.750
Exposure Margin Debit. ****** 218694.100

Why SPAN margin is very different?

I have one more query which is regarding “F&O Obligation Amount” in Account balance sheet of backoffice.
it is showing
07/03/2014 F&O Obligation Amount Credit 4286.960
But when I checked Profit & Loss report for 7th March 2014, it shows completely different picture( around profit of INR 15000).?


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