Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Raji commented on 08 Mar 2014, 09:32 PM


Indicators always have lag effect – Everyone agrees to it. No doubts raised over the satisfaction attained by Madan and similar such folks. It’s a mindset.

Whole lots of things available for free and as well as for fees. There are free open source softwares and paid softwares, free emails, paid emails, etc….But it shouldn’t raise question about the credentials of paid services – True, several paid services are worth nothing. But, all cannot be viewed with same lens. I tried a trial service of one of the much proclaimed winner in this blog – just monitored it for few days; alas! As usual all fails during real play – then there is a sting attached as usual, that, one cannot read other’s reactions to the market!!!!!

My expressions were only about the heavenly sacret played around the secrecy of the strategy all through these discussions. It reminded me of one thing – “Astrologer syndrome”…If you go and meet an astrologist, he will self proclaim to be an extraordinary human – end of the day it is art and science of planet and stars positioning. Secrecy is meant only for the continuity of the business for the particular group/community and assurance of sustaining wealth for them to get rid of poverty. Same principle holds good for all such secrecies around ‘businesses’/’services’.

I just go with 5 day, 7 day and 15 day dimensional pivots, this will change constantly the current day’s reference pivots as the trading hours progresses and this is what set as SLs for me; I tried to apply elliot wave principles and Fibonacci levels as well some times to understand likely momentum and targets – Just wonderfully takes care of the price action trading rules; Mine is positional and swing trading – Works wonderfully 60% of the times. Yet the toughest part is emotional management because of lack of it I get many trades wrong – still a toddler on this aspect. I have no hesitancy sharing my learning here! I earned a little, lost huge, but learned great! I am able to anticipate losses now!!


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