Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Raji commented on 08 Mar 2014, 05:36 PM

Well. With all the readings and interviews sound good, just my ounce of thought: Till towards the end, Madan never seem to have shared his look, Setup and Trade patterns – all he kept saying is his ‘secret spice mix’ of entry/exit and TSL setup through ‘chart setups’ and ‘visionary observations’. One would understand it is highly insensitive to share portfolio details, it’s personal choice. But I differ on a former one. Had every market wizard believed and followed this principle of knowledge sharing restrictions, a vast amount of knowledge pool on stock markets would never have existed in the world and so called internet that Madan is frequently referring to.

There are opinions and views that one’s trading pattern or ‘SECRET SPICE MIX’ will be ‘disturbed’ if is revealed to a larger group. And some have strongly supported it and some have frustratingly cursed on it. And most of the posts and replies had an aggressive approach towards the group of ‘go and read on your own – after all I have done it for past so many years’. I certainly do not believe, given depth and breath of the market, if someone feels his patterns will be ‘disturbed’ due to larger usage and public revelations, I can only call it, a mere ignorance – After all, turn over every day is in terms of lakhs of crores.

Dimensional pivots, Moving averages along with ADX and RSI work wonderfully and does the magic for ease trading. Most of the MAs still work wonderfully on larger timeframes. But one need patience and willingness to avoid intraday aggressiveness. I agree with Madan on capital and trade management.

Some ellioticians in the field give wonderful reports for meager subscriptions. I am not promising that it works 100% but they share vast amount of knowledge that they have gained on their own research, education and experience. I certainly do not prefer to name any individual here as it would sound like marketing. All I wanted to highlight to Madan and his likely minded group is that, those people never thought sharing their knowledge would decimate them, their trades and the market – let me tell you that they don’t give tips but they merely share their analysis, including their journal!!!

Madan, nothing personal here! Just sharing my frank opinions after reading your responses.

There is no magic wand in this world for a successful trade. Just follow traditionally successful patterns and selected one or two indicators, and keep moving with smaller positions. Dimensional pivots with the mix of MA will do what Madan is talking about all along as a ‘secret spice mix’ – price based movements.

All guys who feel satisfied and unsatisfied with this blog: Have a self-confidence, keep inventing and best wishes!

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