Comment on Trading holidays 2016 - NSE, BSE, MCX

Punith commented on 09 Dec 2015, 09:33 PM

Recently I subscribed to zerodha just for your powerful trading software pi. Just loved the trading terminal where we can place order right on the charts!. And the black interface is just perfect for trading crude oil at night. Just one thing i noticed, if i open more than 2 live charts (3min or lesser time frame) the trading terminal uses huge processing and also to be precise whenever huge volume buying or selling happens the terminal literally hangs (Especially when trading crude oil), which i really hate because that is the time when we really need to take trades just when the prices starts running and the terminal slows down. When the prices are ranging with lesser volumes then the terminal is working real smooth. Well if this slight hang is corrected it would be really helpful for intraday traders. Please look into the issue. Its like Zerodha is giving signals by slowing down.
Zerodha pi rocks!!

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