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Manish Astral commented on 07 Dec 2015, 09:33 PM

Yes i understand that there could be some inconsistencies due to data latency, or some internet issues from the client side. But shouldn’t there be like an auto refresh feature built internally in Pi that will refresh the data (atleast the last 100 candles) in a periodic interval, just to make sure that the data is consistent. Because data consistency should be the #1 priority for any charting platform.
Also i would like to mention that this auto data refresh is needed urgently as because Pi would skip redrawing the entire data between a period in which the machine was put to sleep. So for example say i’m working from 9:15 to 12 on a chart in Pi. And after 3 hours i’m quite fatigued and decide to take a break of an hour. So i put the whole machine to sleep as it is with Pi running, but locked. Now after an hour or so, around 1 clock i return and wake the machine from sleep, open the locked Pi. To my dismay, i’m seeing that Pi has not updated the data between 12 and 1 !!! I’m missing the whole data between 12 and 1. The last candle starts from 1 and the second last candle is from 12 right when i left the machine. I hope i can convey the issue clearly.
Also if the loading of saved chart feature worked properly , then this won’t be an issue. But that feature also suffers from another bug. As upon loading a saved chart all the trendlines, horizontal lines vanishes, or get cuts off, or is shifted. And i have to redraw them again. Now imagine doing this twice ( first during 9 o clock then again around mid-trading day) everyday for atleast 10 charts. I know, its very and utterly frustrating. But again i even can live with this issue, but data inconsistency, is something thats quite fatal , don’t you think.
I’ve made numerous complains to [email protected] ( the latest one has a video to convey the issue properly), and they said that the Developers are working on fixing this.

I really hope that they do fix this issue and make the drawing tools in Pi atleast respectable. I really like Pi. It has instant data execution, its fast, clean and gets the work done, and is the best platform in India, but these issues are just ruining the whole experience, you know.

And about Kite, i really love that platform. But i seldom travel while trading , and mainly work at the desk. So i prefer a desktop platform like Pi.

Again i really hope that Pi is free from this issues as soon as possible.


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