Comment on Charting - Pi

Manish Astral commented on 07 Dec 2015, 07:43 PM

There is an issue of the candles changing in appearance when Pi is loaded after the market closes. So in real time (esp during the first hour 9:15 AM – 11 AM), today we had a red inverted hammer on 10:50 AM in TATASTEEL – 5min , this same candle have become green when i opened the chart after the market have closed. Due to this a loss was incurred as a short was established on the premise of the red inverted hammer candle. This changing of candles have been happening for a long time and its still plaguing Pi even now, with the updated 11/11/2015 version. I would really like Zerodha to look deeply into this matter and solve it ASAP. This happens on random on random candles but mostly during first hour. And this happens very often if a chart is kept opened before the market starts and as the market opens and trades we have a candle that looks a certain way. This same chart if reopened during market hours or after the market closes, some candles would have changed in its appearance.
Also when will i be able to finally load a saved chart properly without the trend lines, or the horizontal lines vanishing on zooming in.

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