Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

chandru commented on 06 Dec 2015, 02:01 PM


During the next upgrade of Pi would it be possible

a) to save Drawings like Trend Line , Horizontal Line , Rectangle within the chart templates . Currently you are offering chart template save for Indicators to be pulled up for the next day. However drawings like Trend Line , Horizontal Line , Rectangle do not get saved in the chart template.

I remember you mentioning that Pi has peaked with resources and there’s not much you can do there but can do more in Kite . Is this because Omnesys controls the changes to PI ? .

I am mentioning this again since i think some small changes in PI are long overdue since June when i began using Pi . Like Prithviraj to mentioned this above.

Color differentiation is important in volume like red & green , Currently its all blue . ADX & so on.
Will small changes in Pi still take its toll on resources?

When do you propose these small changes can take place .
thanks in advance for your efforts

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