Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

Todd commented on 06 Mar 2014, 06:16 PM

Hi Nithin, ist of all thanks alot for clearing my many doubts related to Stop loss !!

My question may be sound same as ” pradi ” asked Earlier for “Future”.
But Need to have a clear idea before execute Stop loss, in case of ” Equity “.

Real time Example(This Execution not related to any NFO/CDS):

i am using product type CNC ( EQ – Equity).

Bought 10pcs SBI @1487 . will be selling in the same day.

*** The price has gone up in my favour . Current LTP is ( Trading price ) Rs. 1495.

Now i am predicting the LTP may hit 1500.

inspite of using Limit can i sell it using SL/ SL-M ?

i.e. – if i put a stop loss (SL) with trigger [email protected] & Sell price [email protected]

will it be a valid SL submission ?

if yes :
Tried couple of times on NSE Now platform with Zerodha.
Result i am getting is :

The execution getting converted to ” LIMIT ” Sell @1494 .
Lost booking higher Benefit Couple times as it was sold @ 1494.

If No:
Please Suggest a the solution under this scenario.

Hope you would be kind enough to discuss it clearly considering “Equity trading under product type CNC .”

If possible please Put light on ” Trailing” Stop Loss in Equity. Specially How to submit it in Zero, using CNC?

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