Comment on Notice under Section 139(9)? - Possible reason

minal jain commented on 05 Dec 2015, 12:28 PM

sir , I got notice 139(9) and my file decalare defective,

Actually, My Delivery Turnover of sales 390000 and intraday Profit 26000 and loss around 28000 near ) it means Turnover 54000, Total Turnover 440000, and loss around 17500,(including expenses) I do small Buniess and of Dress materail whihch sales it around 180000 and prucharsed around 75000, made profit , 105000, axpormitaly and FD intrerest around 48000 and PPF interes around 22000 ,
I counsulted My C.A he said There is no need to Audit , Because i came under tax liability , But I Will have To summit P and L , and Balance Sheet as a proof,
I will have to Revised return With P and l and balance sheet , or Rectify of 139(9).
And Audit is not Required, I am worried about Audit , because if i have to , ITs cost too expensive, and Should I give Up Trading in Share Trading, and Purchasing It’s Really a Harresment

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