Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

coolblr commented on 06 Mar 2014, 11:35 AM

Madan, Really appreciate you replying to my queries in detail.

I am doing better since 1-2 years, well, I’d say some profits from not a big account and overall in the green for the year and for the account size the returns have been good. But as you said going to a higher account size and getting the same returns is not easy as well, which I understand, also have to get accostomed the fact that bigger position means bigger risk as well and eventually bigger drawdowns.

I would say overall the methodology and system (Since more than 2 years there is no indicator what so ever on my charts, occassionaly I see 20 EMA and BB (20,2), even before that I stopped looking for the holy grain or trying out different indicators) seems to be alright and the mistakes that I use to make before have come down, especially cutting down on the losses.

Things to improve as you mentioned, importantly on the trading journal part, I do maintain one, but have to accept that I am not completely desciplined with respect to that. Also, I think I have a mind block that the journal I have is not a great one (an excuse I suppose :D), there are no good journal softwares in the market. I kind of feel that an immediate chart reference against the trades needs to be there, trying to figure out ways to do that in excel or linking to the charts in the excel itself in someways.

Will keep in mind about the points you mentioned about the backup money and the account size. Hopefully will take the route of inevitable and do the right things and hope to see success.


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