Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

sanig commented on 01 Mar 2014, 07:44 PM

Hi Sir. Your interview is interesting and inspiring for all newcomers like us. Just I have a few quetions for you and hope you will answer them.

since you are among the top 25 traders, but you said, that you don’t trade options due to time factor involved. Have you seen any successful option traders in india. how big is their account size,some where in your earlier post you have mentioned that you know some one who traders 250 to 300 lots and the slippage is 5 points for a 2 to 3 crore account, do you think in our market you can by options for 10 or 15 lakhs without much sllipage if its in the money, or out of the money options. kindly share your thoughts. thank you.

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