Comment on Basket Orders - ZT

Amit Gupta commented on 29 Nov 2015, 12:31 PM

Dear Nitin

First, ,many congratulations from me on introducing some amazing products in the Indian Brokerage Market. From what I have seen in a short span of time, you have set some very high limits for yourself and your company. You can easily get the tag of a ‘Messiah’ for the retail customers of Indian stock market.
My best wishes are with you. May you be successful in implementing your ideas and vision and in revolutionizing the Indian Brokerage Market.

Now coming back to the trading software, I am very much impressed with the facility of Bracket Order and use it a lot. It takes away lot of tension from intraday trading and helps me focus on other things. It would be really great if
a) no. of bracket orders can be placed like a basket order in one go….if its not posible then atleast, bracket orders should be allowed to be placed in AMO mode or in pre-session. At present, bracket orders can only placed one by one and that after 9.15 am which takes away lot of precious time.

I hope you will do someting about it on priority basis.

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