Comment on Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Phani commented on 27 Nov 2015, 02:37 PM

Thanks for the Zerodha 60 day challenge. I have below queries.

1. Is the challenge extended till April 2016? I heard from my friend but cannot see anywhere, Can u pls confirm? If yes, can I start challenge even on last day and still use the benefit?

2. The usage of only realized profit is good. This would help us to strategize on last day for those who are on border. 🙂 This will also improve discipline and help us realize profits than wait for greed. One small suggestion. If someone wants to check even unrealized, then an option can be kept before the 60 day challenge if we want to consider unrealized as well.

3. Also, are all the winners not published in website? I won last time but could not see my name? 🙁

Thanks for keeping up the good work. Hope zerodha challenge will continue forever and not stop in 2016. I referred my friends tempting about this challenge only. 🙂 If it hits your profit, probably can reduce the bounty to half brokerage or so!!!

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