Comment on Pi bridge - gateway to trade using other programs

Aditya Jain commented on 24 Nov 2015, 09:35 PM

I am a member of zerodha trading. my account is ra6986. I have recently opened my account with you, the software Pi as well as Kite, both the softwares are good but lack in execution and not as helpful as other software. I am trading with zerodha but unfortunately I am using Trade Tiger for ananlysis. I really appreciate the fact that your group has given the best out of all discounted brokers but people who are somehow trade using analysis will have to seek help from the other software, although pi is equipped with everything a trader can asked for but if you see trade tiger, there are minor differences which can easily be overcome by your software. First of all the time interval selection, everytime one has to open a new window for a new time selection. the other thing is change of script while looking at the chart. Carmilla point pyra point, gann fan and arc, ichimoku are not available in Pi. Kindly consider the same and I am sure people will not be buying ambibroker or any other software. You can certainly charge a monthly fee for that as such, instead of paying other people, traders connected with zerodha will pay and zerodha group will be benefited with it. i am not criticizing, as a trader only requesting that since zerodha is already giving so much to their account holders why not one more step ahead to give something where they dont have to search google for trading platforms.

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