Comment on Charting - Pi

Sathish001 commented on 22 Nov 2015, 12:18 PM

In Pi charts, is it possible to start the SMA trend line (or any other trend lines with different time periods) from starting of the market opening candle stick for any time periods, for example SMA(CLOSE, 50) should start showing the trend line from the first candle stick onwards like the one provided in Google finance(attached screen shot). In Zerodha Pi chart, SMA(CLOSE, 50) trend line is starting only after 50 candle stick but in Google finance it is starting from the 1st candle stick onwards. I am using SMA(CLOSE, 50) in 2 minute chart for intraday. I think they are using the historical data to achieve this which is what I need, I want to see the trend line from the starting of the market opening & don’t have to wait till the number of candle sticks get formed to initiate a trade. I understand that if i take 2 days chart then I can see the trend line starting from the market opening for intraday but I need it in intraday chart itself . Please help to look into this & correct me if I am wrong.

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