Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

Kishor commented on 21 Nov 2015, 12:18 AM


I’m a new user at Zerodha and just trying to get the hang of all the software platforms before I actually begin trading.

I tried loading the ZT desktop on my Win10 laptop but it would not install ( gave too many errors ), but I had better luck with the web based platform; the Z5 seems to run reasonably well on Chrome.

In Z5, is there a way that I can place Basket Orders for scrips which are already entered in my WatchList ? Also, are there any value limits (both individual as well as total) for Basket Orders ?

Lastly (though this is not relevant to the Z5 thread) in case I do an NEFT fund transfer to Zerodha, how does will it get credited to my account since all users will be transferring funds to the same Zerodha account number ? I may need to do this if I have to bring in funds lying in a bank account that is not linked to my Zerodha account.

After going through feedback in the blogs, I have decided to try out Kite and Pi as well.

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