Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

Sukesh commented on 20 Nov 2015, 10:52 PM


I use pivot points for trading and adding that feature in Pi proved to be very useful for me however from past few days i see that the manually calculated pivot points are not matching with the points shown in Pi.

For example, lets take the points for Nifty Nov’15 Futures as on today (20-Nov-15):

OHLC values of 19-Nov-15 (Which will be used to compute Pivot points for 20-Nov-15) as seen in NSE Bhavcopy:

Open – 7791.10
High – 7871.30
Low – 7771.00
Close – 7858.35

The Pivot values i calculate using these values do not match with the values shown on Pi, PFB the illustration of this difference:

[Refer attached image 1]

Also PFB the screen shot of Pi showing the Pivot Points:

[Refer attached image 2]

Could you please clarify the reason for this difference?

Is the OHLC values in Bhav Copy of NSE different from the values that got into Pi?


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