Comment on Quant - Flashback

ElegantTrader commented on 20 Nov 2015, 12:45 PM

Day by day kite web platform is improving n my trading volumes too. Quant has been phenomenal.

1. Any updates on bse trading on kite?
2. When is the mobile app? Will q be integrated inside the mobile app?
3. How about mutual funds n i read somewhere it’s in 2 wks.
4. Is it going to be part of kite?
5. And will we have an option to bring in already existing portfolio as zerodha MF will be in demat format if I’m right in gathering info.
6. Will we have the direct option in mf?
7. So far any pointers on the pricing for MFs or we have to wait n see how it plays out?
8. Does it matter ilfs vs zerodha in terms of demat for mutual fund. If so i can start the process of switching demat earlier to be prepared.

Thanks for your patience in answering my questions, as I’m sure you will 😉

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