Comment on Taxation Simplified

Dil Mohan T commented on 21 Feb 2014, 06:22 PM

I am basically a long term investor, holding stocks from 90’s. I have sold few stocks this year (worth 12.5 lac) which I was holding for more than 20yrs. I might sell few stocks holding from long term in the coming years also. This year I just tried trading in derivatives. I bought 2 lots of dr reddys and made a profit of 25k. Please tell me how the taxation be. This is the first time I am trading in futures, I normally dont trade in futures. I have gone through the blog above and got a fair idea on the same.

But I want to have a concrete idea on taxation part for the case that I will sell the long term holdings in the coming years and want to frequently trade in the futures segment … How should I file the returns. What should be my status trader/investor. For example say I sold 10 lc worth shares(long term holdings with profit of 9.5lac) and made a profit of 5lac in Futures…
Dil Mohan

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