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sarvesh commented on 21 Feb 2014, 05:22 PM

dear sir
i have a little inconvenience while squaring position through zt .i use to buy options of underlying. but there is no option of squarring off my postion directly from admin position toolbar .like if i hold carryforward reliance 840ce 1 lot.and some day i think that is available at cheap price i buy one more lot .than total postion becomes 2 lot 840 ce like wise other positions accordingly.b ut at the time of selling my position i need to be very careful to square off same option and same lot i hold. To avoid any short position .if zerodha trader had a option of square off button if infront of every position at admin position that would simplify trader (like me) work without any error .i am always afraid of while squaring off my position .kindly look into this matter

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