Comment on Trading from the charts - Pi

Shobhit Gupta commented on 18 Nov 2015, 08:52 PM

Hi Nithin,

Great to know your passion for making trading easy for retail traders!

I am currently using a different broker firm but I am really impressed by this blog. I was wondering is it possible to set fields like order quantity( in terms of amount or number of stocks), order type, exchange, stop-loss as a percentage of the market price or your order execution price, target price again as a percentage of market price or order execution price, etc as default values in PI ? And can I set different default values for different stocks ?

Like suppose I want to put a bracket buy order to buy 300 stocks SBI, intraday, at market price with stoploss at 0.5% and target of 2% ? Can I set all these parameters as default somewhere so that I don’t need to enter all these things manually?

Would really appreciate your explanation.


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