Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 19 Feb 2014, 10:21 PM


I was not able to ‘Reply’ to your had to type anew post…will try to answer your questions. If i have answered something before, i will mention it that way.

1. The returns are before tax. Why would anyone calculate income tax? we do that at the end of the fiscal year 🙂

2. I have answered about lot size for last year before. I understand that there are 534 comments so far but would really help if you go through them in its entirety

3. Have talked about increasing lot size and related psychology in various posts.

4. Answer already about the number of years it took to be profitable. Paid my share to the mkt in US not in India.

5. Drawdown is always peak to valley. If i had made 50K from 1L, total equity = 1.5L..So, peak is 1.5L. So, my drawdown in this case would be 1.5L – (30% of 1.5L) =, drawdown lasted till 1.05 and turned around.

6.Not seen many successful traders but usually the benchmark i see is around 50%. It also depends on the Risk:Reward

Kindly go through the whole blog to its entirety. It would have saved lot of your typing time but i do understand that it is discouraging just to see the sheer number of posts.

Hope it helps.

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