Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Dharan commented on 19 Feb 2014, 07:55 AM

hi madan,

congrats! for winning the challenge. I read all the previous questions, and ur answers. i would like to ask you some new set of questions.

it says 300% return, just to get a better picture is it after tax@ 30% that your profit is 3 times. like for 1 lakh capital, you made 3 lakh profit or you made 4 lakh plus but after tax, its 300%?

do you increase your lots size every month, or just keep the same lot size through out the 240 trading days. This performance was achieved by keeping the same lot size or you increased it over a period of time.what rules you follow, or criteria you set before increasing lot size

for a 20 point loss in one lot its 1000 rupees, when you do 20 lots its 20k, so how you handle your emotions when u increase ur lot size. how u handle those big profits and losses. many traders fail when they increase their lot size, according to you, what is the reason, and how u handle it.

you returned back to India in 2009, so how many years it took for you to start making profit consistently in Indian markets.What tuition fees you paid in Indian markets?

somewhere in previous questions, you have answered that your maximum draw down is 30%, is it like you have 1 lakh capital, and at one point u reached 70,000. or just like ur capital 1 lakh made a profit of 50k intially and a 30% draw down from that is back to 1 lakh.

since you are one of the top 25 traders out of 35000, and has mentioned that your success ratio is 45%, from your experience have you seen people better than you, i mean what success ratio have you seen, over your trading career, which you dream to achieve. i have read in many books, that the best in the industry is 63%. Ed Seykota had a 60% success ratio over 6 years of trading.

i am asking all this questions on behalf of many traders,like me.Hope you will share ur thoughts on the above questions.

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