Comment on Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Kaveri commented on 15 Nov 2015, 09:58 PM

Hi Nithin,

As as a regular at 60 day challenge, I think the feature of exited trades is beneficial to traders (customers), and perhaps a bit unfair for challenge. I do believe you should consider the stock/future/option closing rate at challenge or find a way to mark it at the initial stage as not for 60 day challenge).

My point is say nearing the end of my challenge I am close enough say (days at 58/59 my loss just about 4-5 k), I can buy/sell both calls and puts (or buy nifty future sell bank nifty future) of an appropriate amount (for opposite direction). One of them will surely make money for me to win the challenge. Even if i loose a little bit in the other trade (net effect will mostly not be much and I will win back the challenge amount which can potentially be up to 30k).

I surely believe in Rajat’s like case it should be allowed to buy shares for long term but that should be marked at the start of taking the position as not for challenge. I think previously we used to count open positions and have changed that in last couple of months. i also like to see my actual’s (including notional profit/loss) in my 60 day challenge rather than completed.

All in all, I do not mind it, food for thought 🙂 Great work as always at zerodha 🙂

best regards,

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