Comment on Amibroker - ZT Plugin Pricing

sarode_58 commented on 11 Nov 2015, 07:30 AM

Dear Mr. Kamat,
I am confused by your Vasity Module-2 Technical Analysis chapter point 19.4, part -2 evaluation process, you mention RRR (risk to reward ratio) to be at least 1.5. Do you mean for every one rupee risk the reward will be Rs.1.5 OR vice versa? In Scapler point no. 19.5, it is mentioned that RRR of 05 to 0.75 is acceptable. In this case is the risk higher than the reward? This is absurd. Why anybody will enter in trade where chances of loosing are more? If not more there should be at lease 50:50 chances of winning. I hope you have understood my question.

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