Comment on Installation - Pi

zax commented on 10 Nov 2015, 09:25 AM

Recently opened account with Zerodha , yet to start trading. trying to understand nuts & bolts of the platform.

I have been with ICICI Since last 14 years based on some recommendations want to try Zerodha.Relying on Kite . I do trade in US market as well where we have very good feature provided by those broker firms where you can buy and sell same day means square off your cash positions. In Indian brokerages I can see they classify as intraday or delivery which have different definitions. Do we have an option where I can buy in cash and if I want can square off on same day and If I want to carry forward my position to subsequent days then it should be doneā€¦ do we have this over here?

Any date by when we can have kite for iOS where I can do any trade on move via mobile?

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