Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

Prabhu Ram commented on 14 Feb 2014, 10:46 AM

Is the Basket After Market Order banned from today(14th FEB 2014)? I can’t find it in the menu.
Also, I can’t place an AMO between 9:10 to 9:14, also from today.

If I split a order for the same symbol into multiple pieces, would it count as as single order.
Say, I place an order for a stock as three different orders (10K,10K,10K) would it be constituted as a single order. If Basket AMO is banned, then there is no question of the above scenario though?

Also, may I know the reason if it could be shared (I believe too many market orders at the start would drive the price up sharply)

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