Comment on Kite - Introduction

Venkatesh V commented on 03 Nov 2015, 10:08 PM

Dear Nitin,

Few brainstorming thoughts / wishlist from my side on your up coming Kite mobile App.

1) UI should be very light and should be loaded in lghtning speed.

2) able to chnage UI theme..dark, grey or white…etc

3) once logged in should not logout….or able to set the logout time on the settings.

4) Able to add scripts same as Kite web

5) Able to configure and see Mutiple watch list.

6) Able to set script notification alert on phone itself for EQ/NFO scripts in watch list (based on Price value or by price points or by chnage in %) this feature not available in any of the latest market apps, it would be innovative if you implement this on kite app. also this feature is a crucial for persons like me who is away from the terminal but wanted to know the price meovement.

7) Able to set notification alert on phone for portfolio/m2m open positions for EQ/NFO scripts (based on Price value or by price points or by chnage in %) again this would be unique one for zerodha if implemented and useful for persons like me to squareoff the open positions if my M2M value reaches a particular value.

8) able to see live LTP and atleast 2 bids/ask qty & price on the buy/sell order window, this is again a very cruical feature for persons like me who want to punch the order fast without any guessing.

9) charting, simple candle chart with time frames 1min 5min and 15min would be more than suffiient enough.

Hope you would consider and feedback to your technical team implementing the App.


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