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ashutoshraje commented on 03 Nov 2015, 11:04 AM

Hi Nithin,
How to calculate Camarilla Pivot points? Can we have a readymade Camarilla plotting in Technical Analysis section?

To calculate Camarilla Pivot points all you need is previous trading day’s high low and close value. Below are the equations for calculation various levels.

C = Previous day close

H = Previous day high

L = Previous day low

H4 = [0.55*(H-L)] + C

H3 = [0.275*(H-L)] + C

H2 = [0.183*(H-L)] + C

H1 = [0.0916*(H-L)] + C

L1 = C – [0.0916*(H-L)]

L2 = C – [0.183*(H-L)]

L3 = C – [0.275*(H-L)]

L4 = C – [0.55*(H-L)]

Ashutosh Raje

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