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Vishnu Sankaran commented on 02 Nov 2015, 11:28 AM

Dear Mr. Nitin,

I tried my level best to get hold of you with regards to your software and trading platform issues. I have begged to your team several times that when there is an issue, please communicate to the customers so that they can look for alternatives. You and your team never believes in that. For few months now, we are facing several issues and especially on Monday’s, it is a mess. Today, since morning, none of your systems , Pi, Kite, trade and nest, none of them are working and after several communication with your team, they have accepted that kite is not working. what about other softwares? whenever I made a complaint to your support team, afternoon around 3 PM they call and ask me to update the Pi. I informed them several times that I am working in IT for last 25 years and dont give me such stuff. Now, when such things happens, who is responsible for all the loss occurring to customers? please reply? I am an unsatisfied customer and now started looking for other options. I am now fully confident that “Cheap can be expensive”

Please reply me.


Vishnu Sankaran

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