Comment on STT Trap - Options Expiry - NSE BSE MCX-SX

jay commented on 31 Oct 2015, 09:19 AM

Also all brokerages including zerodha loans out our equity shares and it aids the big houses to short the market and make money in options market as well. You brokerages make money loaning our equity out and they make money by shorting the underlying and selling option premiums. All the real time data including real time open interest data is not provided and has access to this data only for rich fund houses and brokerages which are well connected to NSE and the policies of SEBI are also geared towards fleecing the retail investor of modest means like the recent hiking of option lot size (supposedly to protect small investor, but we know it only favours the big money by doubling or tripling the cost of taking each position which does not effect big money because they take large positions), I can name hundreds of policies that are geared towards parting the small investor from his hard earned money.

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