Comment on Trading Systems

vkeappen commented on 10 Feb 2014, 10:44 AM

I am using the buy condition: CLOSE>EMA(CLOSE,50) AND REF(CLOSE,1)<EMA(CLOSE,50) AND REF(CLOSE,2)<EMA(CLOSE,50) AND REF(CLOSE,3)<EMA(CLOSE,50) AND REF(CLOSE,4)<EMA(CLOSE,50) and buy exit: CLOSE<EMA(CLOSE,20) vice versa for the short script.

Today I decided to take it live on Tata Steel Feb Future(1 min chart).The price of Tata SteelFut was beteen 387.15 and 393.7 but I was getting buy calls at 442.45 and exit long at 338.90. Go short at:453.30 and exit at 456.50.
These values are nowhere near the actual trading price of the scrip. It seems there is something terribly wrong with the data in the script or how the script is executing.

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